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NBA Jam on Steam Deck is awesome!

Lately I’ve been playing a LOT of NBA Jam on Steam Deck. What a blast!!! I remember dumping quarter after quarter into an NBA Jam arcade machine now. Yet now I can play it as much as I please on a handheld device. My favorite thing about the Steam Deck is how incredibly convenient it is to play old retro classics. Once you get things set up you can boot up your favorite retro gems up anywhere you are and in a matter of seconds. Boomshakalaka!

NBA Jam burst onto the scene in 1993 and revolutionized arcade basketball games. The game was a hit for many reasons – it was fast-paced, over-the-top, and incredibly fun. NBA Jam delivered an experience that was exciting and explosive, and it succeeded on all fronts. Players could execute high-flying dunks, block shots with authority, and hit shots from all over the court.

The original arcade version of NBA Jam was a huge success, grossing over a billion dollars in quarters after just 1 year in the arcades!!! The game’s creators, Mark Turmell and Sal DiVita, had a hit on their hands, and NBA Jam quickly became a cultural phenomenon. The game was ported to numerous home consoles, including the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis. These versions were just as popular as the arcade original, and helped cement NBA Jam as one of the most beloved games of the 1990s. It’s had a number of sequels over the years but, for me anyways, none have come close to matching the magic of the original.

NBA Jam still delivers the goods–three decades on! It’s as fun and exciting now as it was back then, and remains an all-time classic. The game’s iconic catchphrases and larger-than-life dunks are etched into the fabric of gaming history. Its legacy is undeniable. To experience the rush of NBA Jam is to tap into one of the greatest arcade games ever made. And in my opinion the convenience and portability of the Steam Deck elevates the experience to a completely new level!

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