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5 Best Unofficial Steam Deck Docks

Steam Deck Dock

Advantages of a Dock

The Steam Deck is an awesome device, but let’s face it – its connectivity options are limited with just one measly USB C port. That’s where a dock comes in to save the day! These bad boys come loaded with a ton of extra ports like USB, Ethernet, and HDMI ports. Now you can hook up all your favorite gaming gear, from keyboards to mice, external displays, and controllers. A dock will provide you with the connections you need to create a gaming setup that’s perfectly tailored to your needs. No more cramped screens or awkward controller setups – just pure gaming bliss!

With a dock for your Steam Deck, you can easily switch between couch gaming on a big TV and a portable handheld experience. Enjoy the ultimate gaming experience at home with the comfort of your couch and the big-screen action of your TV. Then, when you’re ready to hit the road, take your gaming with you wherever you go with the ultimate portable handheld experience. It’s like having two devices in one! And a dock allows you to seamlessly switch between the two in an instant.

Dock Options

By all accounts Valve’s official Steam Deck Dock is fantastic option. However the retail price of $89.00 (including free shipping btw) is rather steep. 3rd party docks can give you identical functionality but at significantly lower price. Of course there’s some junky docks out there so be careful. The following 5 docks are all excellent options that boast high quality and stellar reviews.





  • good entry level dock

  • USB ports are USB 2.0

  • three USB 3.0 ports

  • ethernet port in back for a cleaner look

  • one additional USB port over the JSAUX 5-in1

  • USB ports are USB 3.0

  • a standard hub rather than a Steam Deck specific dock

  • very well reviewed generic USB C hub

  • Anker is a very well respected brand name

  • allows for 65W fast charging

  • premium quality but a bit pricy

  • allows for a M.2 SSD for additional storage when docked

  • comes with a 65 watt charging adapter for super fast charging

Whatever dock you choose, adding a dock to your Steam Deck setup can provide a huge boost to your gaming experience. With expanded connectivity and the ability to seamlessly switch between couch gaming and on-the-go play, a dock can truly unlock the full potential of your Steam Deck!

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