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Best Keyboard and Mouse for the Steam Deck

Logitech K400

The Steam Deck’s built in controls work great, but in certain situations they can be cumbersome. Most notably things can get awkward when in Desktop mode or when playing games designed with a keyboard and mouse in mind. It can be very helpful to have a keyboard and mouse handy for these circumstances.

As with all Steam Deck peripherals a keyboard and mouse will need to connect either 1) via Bluetooth or 2) through the Steam Deck’s single USB C port. In the latter case you’ll almost certainly need a USB C to USB A adapter so you can make use of a 2.4 GHz dongle (they are all USB type A). Another option is to use a USB dock or hub which will give you several USB A ports to work with.

About any mouse or keyboard can work with the Steam Deck, but likely you’ll want something as handy and portable as the Steam Deck itself. There’s a number of options, each with it’s own pros and cons. Let’s take a look!





  • very small and portable mouse

  • Bluetooth or USB dongle

  • a dedicated mouse can be more precise and comfortable than a touch pad

  • Bluetooth or USB dongle

  • very lightweight and portable

  • comes as a set

  • Bluetooth only (no option for a dongle)

  • charges with micro USB (rather than USB type C)

  • a keyboard with an integrated touchpad

  • extremely handy solution - everything you need in one device

  • Bluetooth or USB dongle

  • some might prefer an actual mouse rather than a touchpad

  • a folding keyboard for additional portability

  • integrated touchpad for one device solution

  • Bluetooth or wired via USB C cable

  • not as solid and study as the Logitech K400

  • extremely portable

  • handheld - no need for a desk or table top

  • might be a bit too small depending on your needs

  • unfortunately charges via micr USB rather than USB type C

All the above mice and keyboards have excellent reviews and will work well with your Steam Deck. I for one prefer the Logitech K400. It’s a very portable, study, all-in-one package that will pair effortlessly with your Steam Deck. No matter which option you choose, get ready to have a blast with your Deck!

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