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Check the best cases for the Anbernic RG35XX!

Anbernic RG35XX
check out prices for the Anbernic RG35XX

The New Retro King

With the limited availability of the super popular Miyoo Mini, the Anbernic RG35XX has become the new king of pocket friendly retro handhelds. The RG35XX is nearly identical to the Miyoo Mini save it’s slightly larger screen and overall size. While this might diminish the cuteness of the device a bit, those with larger hands might appreciate the more manageable size.

Case Options

To keep your RG35XX safe and protected you’ll probably want a case. This is especially true if you plan to put your device in a backpack or a travel bag. Unfortunately there aren’t a lot of case specifically designed for the Anbernic RG35XX. But don’t despair–luckily it just so happens that the RG35XX is roughly the same size as a portable hard drive. This means most portable hard drive cases will work great with the RG35XX.

Best Cases

Here are some of the best cases that will be compatible with the Anerbnic RG35XX. Again, these are hard drive cases but are the perfect size for your new retro handheld!





  • very well reviewed

  • study but lightweight case

  • a variety of colors

  • waterproof

  • shockproof

  • extremely rugged

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